California State University International Program Florence


(as of June 14, 2017)


Preparatory Language Program (PLP) 2017
Aug. 30 (Wed)                            Students arrive in Italy check-in to hotel
                                                 (group housing)
Aug. 31 (Th)                              PLP Orientation begins - mandatory for                                                           all students
Sept. 4 (Mon)                             PLP Orientation Ends -
                                                 PLP Placement Test today at 9 am
Sept. 5 (Tues)                             PLP classes begin
Sept. 15 (Fri)                            *CSU FIELD TRIP: Tuscany & USA Cemetery
Oct. 6 - 8 (Fri – Sun)                 *CSU FIELD TRIP: Padova, Venice
Oct. 23 (Mon)                             Last day of PLP classes
Oct. 24 – 26 (Tues-Th)                PLP Oral Exams
Oct. 27 (Fri)                               PLP Final written exams - Last day of PLP
Oct. 28 - Nov. 5 (Sat-Sun)           PLP Break
Nov. 1 (Wed)                              National Holiday: All Saints Day, CSU Closed.

FALL 2017-2018
Nov. 6, 2017 - Feb. 15, 2018       FALL Semester
Nov. 6 (Mon)                              Fall Semester begins
Nov. 6 (Mon)                              ADD/DROP begins
Nov. 16 (Th)                               Last day to ADD/DROP
Nov. 23 - Nov. 26 (Th–Sun)         Thanksgiving Break. CSU closed.
Dec. 1 - 3 (Fri – Sun)                 *CSU FIELD TRIP: Milano, Torino
Dec. 8 (Fri)                                National Holiday: Immaculate Conception.
                                                CSU closed.
Dec. 18-21 (M-Th)                     FALL Mid–Term Exams
Dec. 22 (Fri)- Jan. 7 (Sun), 2018                Holiday: Winter Break
Jan. 6 (Sat)                               National Holiday:  Epiphany
Jan. 8 (Mon)                             Classes resume
Jan. 8 (Mon)                             CR/NC forms available
Jan. 15 (Mon)                           Last day to request CR/NC
Jan. 26-28 (Fri-Sun)                  *CSU FIELD TRIP: Roma
Feb. 12-15 (Mon-Th)                  FALL Final Exams
Feb. 16 –25 (Fri–Sun)                Fall Semester Break

SPRING  2018
Feb. 26 - May 31, 2018             Spring Semester    
Feb. 26 (Mon)                           Spring Semester Begins    
Feb. 26 (Mon)                           ADD/DROP Begins    
Mar. 2 (Fri)                               Last day to ADD/DROP    
March 15-19                            *CSU FIELD TRIP Southern Italy
March 30 (Fri)-April 8 (Sun)       SPRING BREAK
April 1 (Sun)                             Easter - National holiday
April 2 (Mon)                            Pasquetta (Easter Monday) - National holiday
April 9 (Mon)                            Classes resume after spring break
April 16-19                               SPRING Mid-Term Exams
April 23 (Mon)                           CR/NCR forms available
April 25 (Wed)                           National Holiday: Liberation Day - CSU Closed
April 30 (Mon)                           Last day to request CR/NCR
May 1 (Mon)                              National Holiday: Labor Day - CSU Closed
May TBA                                   Arch. Ascoli Piceno Site Visit and Seminar
May 28-31**                            SPRING Final Exams

*CSU field trips and events for all students. Dates and destinations subject to change.
PLEASE NOTE: Dates for holidays, vacations, mid-term and final exams
can be considered FINAL

2017-18 Holidays and Vacations:
All Saints Day                              Nov. 1 (Wed)
Thanksgiving Break                      Nov. 23 - Nov. 26 (Th-Sun)
Immaculate Conception                Dec. 8 (Fri)
Winter Break                               Dec. 22 - Jan. 7, 2018 (Fri-Sun)
Epiphany                                    National Holiday: Jan. 6 (Sat)
Semester Break                          Feb. 16 - 25 (Fri-Sun)
Spring break                               March 31 - April 8 (Fri-Sun)
Pasquetta (Easter Monday)          April 2 (Mon)
Italian Liberation Day                  April 25 (Wed)
Labor Day                                  May 1 (Tues)

NOTE:   ** The semester for STUDIO ART students attending the Accademia and for students attending the University of Florence ends on June 30 (approximately). Some exams extend into July 2018.

If you have questions about any of the calendar dates, please contact us through this link CSUFI.