California State University International Program Florence


carlo bagnoli Carlo Bagnoli


Teaches: Fall and Spring

Carlo Bagnoli is a native of Florence and has been teaching for CSUFI since 1997. He attended the University of Florence and obtained his Laurea with a grade of 110 with distinction /110 in October of 1990 under Prof. Lanfranco Caretti. His thesis was titled: La poesia di Marino Moretti,  (The poetry of Marino Moretti).

Carlo continued his education by attending  postgraduate courses at the University of Florence, the University of Siena and New York University. He studied Introduction to the Internet, with Prof. Lisa Weber, (Florence University); The framework, under Prof. Massimo Vedovelli, (Siena University); Linguistic competencies, under Prof. Maria Grazia Peccianti, (Siena  University); Checking means and formative valuation with Prof. Maria Grazia Peccianti, (Siena University); Italian language workshop under Prof. Renata Carloni, (New York University); and Glottodidattical and intercultural themes under  Prof. Paolo Balboni, New York University.

Professor Bagnoli has published several essays and has contributed to several publications. Some of his published works include:
Il tema del bosco in Tommaso Landolfi e Dino Buzzati, (The Forest Theme in Tommaso Landolfi and Dino Buzzati), in Gli annali di Eumeswil, Florence 2001, pages  97 – 118;  A colloquio con Zapparoni, (Speaking with Zapparoni) in Gli annali di Eumeswil, Florence, 2004, pages 131- 154; Italian language: Author of Chapter 3 of Parole per oggi, in Oggi in Italia, New York University Edition, 2006.

Other than teaching for California State in Florence, Professor Bagnoli also teaches for New York Universiy in Florence and has taught courses for:  The Italian State Department, organized by Giobe Co. in Prato (Florence), 1991 – 1992 ; Italian cultural and linguistical centre ABC (Florence), 1992 – 1997 ; European Institute for the diffusion of  Italian Language and Culture (Florence), 1997 –1999 ; Florence University - Cultural Centre for Foreigners,  (Florence), 1992 –1998, 1999 – 2002, 2002 – 2006; (Literature Courses 1995-1997).