California State University International Program Florence


Gloria Venturini
Italian Language Program Coordinator


Teaches: PLP, Fall , Spring

Gloria Venturini is officially a foreign language and literature certified professor. She has been teaching at the California State University Program in Florence, since 1988 and at the Kent State University-Florence, since 1995. In the past she was, for more than 20 years, teacher of Italian at Dante Alighieri Linguistic Centre in Florence. She has been instructor of the Italian language in several American Programs in Florence like Florida State University, Syracuse University, Georgetown University and Gonzaga University. In Florence she has also taught Italian at the Consulat General de France and she was the teacher/consultant of Russian Language at the Nuclear Physics Institute in Arcetri. After attending a post classic high-school (Liceo Classico) Gloria graduated from the University of Florence with a degree in Russian Language and Literature (the thesis in Slavic Philology was on the Bulgarian poet Geo Milev as translator of the poems of V. Majakovskij) As a student, she lived in Moscow, Russia, studying Linguistics at the Moscow University and in Sofia, Bulgaria, conducting research on Paleoslavic religious manuscripts. As an Italian language teacher she has lived in Hanoi, Vietnam, at the State University of Hanoi and in Southern California. Some of her publications include a textbook (Lezioni di lingua Italiana, 2005) used at K.S.U-Florence for Basic Conversational Italian courses and two textbooks (Lezioni di Italiano per studenti Intermedi e Avanzati, 2012) currently used in some classes at California State University in Florence, Italy. She is currently the Italian Language Program Coordinator at California State University in Florence, Italy.