California State University International Program Florence


The CSU Florence Library has more than 4000 volumes available to assist you in your studies and research.  Books and reserved readings, periodicals, videos and DVDs on the subjects of Literature, Art History, Architecture and other areas relevant to your studies here in Italy may be checked out or enjoyed in the library.       

The CSUFI Library hours are to be determined and will be announced.  Books, magazines, reserved readings, student equipment, the VCR, DVDs and tapes, etc. are all checked out through the library during library hours.  Once a schedule of library hours has been agreed upon we will post the information on the bulletin board. 

The library is set up very simply by category and within each category in alphabetical order by author; so locating a book is easy.  If you have any particular problems the librarian or a library assistant will be happy to help you.  If your library resource needs exceed the holdings of the CSU Library,  the librarian can also direct you to outside sources where the material you need might be available.

Consulting books/materials on the shelf:
If you need to consult a library book, feel free to take the book from the shelf and review it standing, or comfortably seated at the table provided for student use. 

Please feel free to ask for assistance regarding anything in the library:  books, videos, magazines, reserved readings, equipment, etc., We are here to help you!

As in any library there are rules of etiquette that must be followed to maintain a studious atmosphere for everyone.  If you must talk, please whisper. Do not eat or drink in the library.  The CSU Library is ever growing and changing and we welcome your comments, questions and suggestions.